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Coach Spotlight: Sarah Spaulding

1) How have you been involved with Girls on the Run?

I have been a coach/program coordinator for School of the Incarnation's GOTR program for 8 seasons.

2) What drew you to the program to get involved?

I have always been intrigued by the GOTR program, long before I was able to volunteer.  As a counselor, both at our school and in private practice, and as a mom of two girls, I see the need for self esteem building and empowerment for young girls.  I jumped at the chance to coach when my girls got old enough to participate.  Now, they are both in middle school, but I kept coaching.

3) Why do you think it's so important for girls today to have access to this program?

I think it is so important for every girl to have access to this program because it combines treating each other with respect and kindness AND leadership and empowering girls.  The program shows girls that you can be both powerful and kind.  I love that.

4) How have you seen the program impact a girl on your team?

I have seen several girls personally impacted by the program - both from a physical fitness and emotional wellbeing perspective.  I think that this is due in equal parts to the program itself and my amazing co-coaches.  When a coach takes the time to notice the girls on their team, encourage and walk/run alongside them, it is amazing to see how uplifting it is!

5) What are some of your hobbies or interests?

I am a runner myself, and came to it late in life, after my second daughter was born.  My "me time" is really listening to an audio book while I go for a run.  I also truly enjoy spending time with my family, and have been known to be called a "big kid" because I love to play!


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