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SoleMate Spotlight!

1. How long have you been a SoleMate?

I’ve been a SoleMate since November 2022 and have been involved with Girls on the Run since 2017.

2. Why do you support Girls on the Run of the Greater Chesapeake? 

I support the organization because of the mission. I’m passionate about helping girls reach their limitless potential. As a previous coach and current board member, it’s been incredible to see in real life our girls’ journeys building their confidence and new friendships through the program. 

3. Why do you enjoy running?

Deciding to run a marathon six months postpartum really helped me mentally and physically become a better and stronger mom for my boys. 

4. What's your favorite running memory? 

One of my favorite memories this training season was having my husband, Craig (also another SoleMate), and my son, Cameron, join me for interval training. It was great having their support and for me to see them cheer me on during some intense sprinting. (Picture of that day)

5. What advice would you share with our participants as they're working toward a big goal? 

Marathon training or any long-distance training, while physical, has a bigger mental component to it. Take things one run at a time. Put your mind to it and remember that you can and you will. 


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Inspiramos a las chicas a ser alegres, saludables y seguras usando un programa divertido basado en la experiencia que integra con creatividad la actividad de correr. Programa extracurricular sin fines de lucro destinado al empoderamiento de niñas.

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