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Coach Spotlight: Heather McPhee

1) How have you been involved with Girls on the Run?

I have been loving coaching at Benfield Elementary for 8 seasons!

2) What drew you to the program to get involved?

I have 4 girls and wanted them to have the opportunity to experience this empowering program.  

3) Why do you think it's so important for girls today to have access to this program?

Girls on the Run is about doing your best, not being the best. This atmosphere allows the girls to build each other up, and take pride in themselves and their achievements, whether big or small.  

4) How have you seen the program impact a girl on your team?

I have seen this program impact many girls over the years.  As coaches, we love to hear the girls share how they've used the strategies we've learned in practice to support a friend or stand up to someone being unkind in school or outside of practice.  Something that has impacted me as a coach is seeing a girl on my team our first season, who almost didn't sign up for the program because running wasn't easy for her, join the Cross Country team her first year of high school.  She came to our practice every day and motivated others with her perseverance, and it paid off in the long run, no pun intended :)

5) What are some of your hobbies or interests?

Outside of coaching GOTR one of my main hobbies is driving kids to practices and activities.  I also love gardening and houseplants (my kids call my plants my "favorite children").  Restoring old furniture and preloved items is also something I enjoy doing when time allows.  


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