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Team Spotlight: Mount Harmony

Coaches from L to R are Victoria Mackey, Allison Halterman, and Bethany Rayfield
Meet the amazing coaches behind the Mount Harmony Girls on the Run team! 
1) How long have you hosted a Girls on the Run of the Greater Chesapeake team?
Victoria - This is her 11th season
Bethany - This is her 2nd season
Allison - This is her 1st season
2) What drew you to the program to get involved?
Victoria - The school I previously worked at had a very strong team that I was interested in helping with. After helping out a few times I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of the program. I haven't stopped since (except when I was a stay at home mom).
Bethany - Bethany is a runner and loves to run! She also loves the program and was easily convinced and excited to join me as an assistant coach last school year and again this year.
Allison - Allison also loves running and saw the program last year, and got interested in knowing more. This year she decided to join Bethany and I as a coach and is loving it! 

3) Why do you think it's so important for girls today to have access to this program?
This program helps girls feel confident in themselves, especially in a time of their lives when hormones, changes in schools, etc. are making them feel less confident. Girls are also easily influenced by their peers, and GOTR helps them to know how to stand up for themselves and recognize what makes them feel good. I wish I had been taught these strategies as a girl their age, and I know the girls that were on my team when I first started that are now grown are still so appreciative of what GOTR was able to do for them .
4) How have you seen the program impact a participant on your team?
At the first practice, the girls were quiet and more nervous/reserved. So far this season, I have seen girls that were typically more reserved finding each other. Specifically, girls in different grades connecting with each other that typically would not even have the chance to meet. 
5) What are some fun facts about your coaches?
Victoria - I did IVF to have my two children. I was a classroom teacher for 7 years, and now in my 2nd year as a special education teacher.
Bethany - Is a military spouse and a mom of 2 boys. She has ran 4 marathons in 3 different countries! 
Allison - Got married August 5, 2023! This is her second year as an SLP (speech language pathologist). 
MHES GOTR team 2024

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